Always Looking Forward

Global Vision, China Insights

Triumph Capital International is an alternative investment management company with focus in investing in companies that contribute to, and benefit from, China’s economic transformation and development.


Lateral mind, extraordinary way

Investment Approach

Triumph Capital International upholds the principle of value investing, focusing on deep research and fundamental analysis in pursuing absolute return performance. Capitalizing on our understanding of China’s socioeconomic status, in-depth knowledge about China society and its economic development, we focus on finding businesses with differentiating factors in its next growth phase.

Core Values

Our mission to deliver the best quality return to our investors is guided by Triumph’s core values of

Integrity Discipline and credible
Diligence Devotion and commitment
Professionalism Responsible and truthful
Entrepreneurship Creativity and persistency
Trust Honesty and reliable

Triumph Capital International Pte. Ltd.

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